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Esthetics Around Implants

Datum: 4 september 2019

Esthetics Around Implants
Live Webinar with Dr. Dima Cosmin

Getting the surgical and prosthetic protocol that suits the patient

Datum: 13 juni 2019

By Dr. Mithridade Davarpanah
Mithridade Davarpanah Head of Oral Rehabilitation Center, American Hospital of Paris / MD, Diplomate AAP

Predictability in aesthetic implant dentistry

Datum: 13 juni 2019

Factors that contribute to an improved outcome
Dr Tommie Van de Velde

This presentation will present aesthetic implant therapy with clinical cases & video material to show the application of different aesthetic procedures to prevent and correct hard and soft tissue complications around implants.

V3 Integration in Digital Workflows

Datum: 13 juni 2019

Dr. Florin Cofar
An overview of digital perspectives on natural teeth and implants. Guided surgery. Skyn concept. Monolithic restoration in anterior zone.

The challenging anterior transition zone between teeth and implant

Datum: 13 juni 2019

Dr. Victor Clavijo
This lecture will highlight the treatment planning options for highly challenging and demanding esthetic cases by using pink ceramics, implants, and/or veneers to improve esthetic outcomes.

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